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    Donald Trump coronavirus update: Reports say next 48 hours critical, Trump says feeling much better now

    Amid contradictory reports on his health, US President Donald Trump on Saturday night released a video statement saying he feels “much better” now and will be back soon.

    Amid contradictory reports on his health, US President Donald Trump on Saturday night released a video statement saying he feels “much better” now and will be back soon. The development comes after various reports quoting sources close to the White House and privy of Trump’s medical status said the next 48 hours are going to be very critical for Trump as his vitals were “very concerning”.

    In the tweet, Trump said, “I feel much better now. We are working hard to get me all the way back. I have to be back because we still have to make America great again.”

    A person who is said to be close to Donald Trump and is familiar with the status of his Covid-19 illness, said some of his vital signs have been “very concerning” for the past 24 hours. However, he added that they have improved since Trump was admitted to the Walter Reed Medical Centre on Friday, the Associated Press reported.

    According to the report, the person said the next 48 hours are critical for Donald Trump because there “was no clear path yet on a recovery” and that it may take days before he was discharged from the military hospital.

    Meanwhile, the New York Times reported that two people close to the White House have confirmed to it that Donald Trump had breathing difficult on Friday and had to be given supplemental oxygen, something neither confirmed nor outrightly denied by the US President’s doctors at a press conference on Saturday.

    Meanwhile, in his second tweet since he was admitted after testing positive for Covid-19, Donald Trump said he was “feeling well” and described the doctors and medical staff at the military hospital to be “amazing”.

    “Doctors, nurses and all at the great Walter Reed Medical Centre, and others from likewise incredible institutions who have joined them, are AMAZING!!! Tremendous progress has been made over the last six months in fighting this PLAGUE. With their help, I am feeling well! (sic),” Donald Trump tweeted.

    In a second tweet, trump wrote: “Our great USA wants and needs stimulus. Work together and get it done. Thank you.”

    The information provided by anonymous sources close to the White House to the Associated Press and the New York Times contradicts the statement made by Donald Trump’s doctors on Saturday.

    In statement, Trump’s doctors said he was doing “very well” and felt as though he could walk out of the military hospital where he was admitted.

    Dr Sean Conley, one of Trump’s doctors, said he is “improving”.

    However, the team of doctors declined to provide many specifics about Donald Trump’s health, the Times said, adding that doctors have mounted an aggressive effort to treat him.

    “While doctors maintained during a televised briefing that Mr. Trump was ‘doing very well’they refused to provide critical details and left open the impression that the President was known to be sick a day earlier than previously reported,” the Times said in its report.

    Besides this, the newspaper said two people close to the White House whom they spoke to in separate interviews said Donald Trump had “trouble in breathing on Friday and that his oxygen level dropped”.

    This, according to the report, prompted Trump’s doctors to give him supplemental oxygen while at the White House.They then decided to transfer him to Walter Reed Military Centre.

    According to the Times, Dr Sean P Conley, the White House physician, told reporters that Donald Trump was not on oxygen support on Saturday. However, he repeatedly declined to say definitively whether Trump had ever been on oxygen support, the report said.


    On Thursday night, Donald Trump disclosed that he had contracted Covid-19. A day later, he was admitted to the Walter Reed Medical Centre. His wife and US First Lady, Melania Trump, has also fallen ill to the coronavirus.

    However, according to the New York Times, statements given by Trump’s doctors on Saturday indicate that he actually tested positive on Wednesday, a day before he disclosed it.

    “Dr Conley seemed to suggest that the president was first diagnosed with the virus on Wednesday rather than Thursday night when Mr. Trump disclosed that he had tested positive on Twitter. While describing what he said was the president’s progress, he said Mr. Trump was ‘just 72 hours into the diagnosis now,’ which would mean midday on Wednesday,” the report said.

    Not just the Times, the Washington Post too in a report said that this statement from Trump’s doctors suggest that the US President had tested positive on Wednesday itself.

    Dr Sean N Dooley, another physician treating the president, was quoted as saying the Trump was feeling optimistic. “He’s in exceptionally good spirits,” Dr Dooley said, adding that Donald Trump told his doctors, “I feel like I could walk out of here today.”


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