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    PM Modi On Mann Ki Baat: Culture Plays Important Role In Overcoming Crisis

    Mann Ki Baat: PM Modi spoke about strengthening cultural bonds in the time of the pandemic and it has changed the way we do things.

    New Delhi: 

    Prime Minister Narendra Modi adressed the country through his monthly radio programme Mann Ki Baat today and spoke on a number of issues including the new farm bills. Saying that the new farm laws “have opened the doors of opportunity” for the Indian farmers, PM Modi added that all demands earlier promised by parties have been met. He also spoke about Guru Nanak Dev, Sri Aurobindo and the Bird Man of India, Dr Salim Ali. He spoke of digitisation of museums and the advancement of technology in culture.

    PM Modi on colleges and alumni

    • Through technology I was able to connect with students of IIT- Guwahati, IIT-Delhi, Deendayal Petroleum University of Gandhinagar, JNU of Delhi, Mysore University and Lucknow University.
    • To be amongst the youth of the country is extremely refreshing and energizing. University campuses in a way are like Mini India. In these campuses on the one hand we see the diversity of India; on the other we also find great passion for changes for a New India.
    • Before Corona when I used to go for a face to face event at any institution, I would urge that poor students from nearby schools to be invited to the function. Those children have been attending the functions as my special guests.
    • I am always interested in knowing who the alumni of the institution are, what the arrangements by the institution for regular engagement with its alumni are,how vibrant their alumni network is.
    • My young friends, you are a student of an institution only till you study there, but you remain an alumni of that institution lifelong.
    • After leaving school or college, two things never end – one, the influence of your education, and second, your bonding with your school or college.
    • What can bring greater happiness than to lend a hand in development of the place where your personality was moulded?
    • When it comes to returning something, nothing can be deemed big or small. Even the smallest help matters. Every effort is important. Often, alumni play a very important role in technology upgradation of their institutions, in construction of buildings, in initiating awards and scholarships and in starting programs for skill development.
    • A strong vibrant and active alumni network is needed not only in big Colleges and Universities but also in schools of our villages.

    PM Modi on Mann ki Baat

    • India’s culture and scriptures have always been the world’s centre of attraction.
    • Many people came to India in search of them and stayed here for life while many returned to their countries as cultural ambassadors of India.
    • I got to know about the works of Jonas Masetti, also known as ‘Vishvanath’. Jonas teaches Vedanta, Bhagvad Gita in Brazil. He runs an organization called Vishvavidya, located in Petropolis, about an hour’s drive from Rio De Janeiro. After completing his mechanical engineering degree, Jonas worked for a stock market company, later he was attracted towards India’s culture, especially towards Vedanta.
    • From market to meditation, stocks to spirituality it has been a long journey for him. Jonas studied Vedanta in India and spent 4 years in a Gurukulam in Coimbatore. Jonas also uses technology to carry forward his message. He conducts online programs, podcasts regularly
      In the last 7 years, Jonas has taught over 1.5 lakh students through his free open courses. He is doing significant work in a language which is quite prevalent.

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