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    What The Government Is Likely To Tell Farmers At Talks Today

    Defence Minister Rajnath Singh will lead talks with farmers who have been called today by the government in an attempt to find a resolution to the massive protests near Delhi against new farm laws. Agriculture Minister Narendra Tomar, though not chief negotiator, will be present during the discussions.

    Sources say in talks with farmers, the government is likely to reassert that the three laws at the core of the protests will not be taken back. However, the government will reassure farmers on Minimum Support Price (MSP) and government markets or mandis. Thousands of farmers across India fear that the laws enacted in September, aimed at bringing reforms to the agriculture sector by allowing farmers to sell anywhere in the country, will deprive them of guaranteed minimum prices. They also worry that government markets or mandis will be scrapped, taking away their assured earning. 

    The fears are unfounded, the farmers will be reassured at every level, according to the sources.

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