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    WhiteHat Jr. Good or Bad?

    WhiteHat Jr is a good platform for 1:1 teaching only. but other than that there are tons of platforms where a kid can learn programming all by themselves. WhiteHat jr marketing really really needs to slow down and follow some ethics.

    WhiteHat Jr is doing Marketing fraud?

    WhiteHat Jr is a online coding teaching platform for kids which is a subsidiary of Byjus. They have been doing massive amounts of fraudulent marketing.

    Source: Social Media

    There are lots of Points about whiteHat Jr. Scam:

    1.Using fake booking slots which never change

    2.Wolf Gupta is a imaginary kid who got hired by Google

    3.They claim teachers go through rigorous interview and teaching process, but in reality teachers cannot even explain basic concepts like difference between java and javascript, cloud, etc.

    They spam you with calls and SMS if you show interest. They lie your kid is brilliant and this is a wasted opportunity.

    and there are some other shitty things like

    they teach “space tech” its just a silly game. Which is like comparing a kid doing a volcano project and calling him a geologist.

    They claim Sundar Pichai did coding at 8. ummm nope. no proof at all.

    Courses are expensive. The basic 6k ones dont teach anything of value.

    The final verdict about the website is that it is we cannot say that it is good or bad. Many WhiteHat Jr. among review, some are positive, and the rest are not correct. Although everything seems standard and perfect, we still find something wrong about their product. We advise all people to Verify All the essential Things Or Data  and do proper research before any involvement. Also, if any, share your experience below.



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